Blake Lovewell on Monero Talk

I was fortunate enough to appear on Monero Talk, one of my favourite podcasts. It focuses on the privacy technology and cryptocurrency known as Monero.

You can listen to audio here:

You can also find it on Youtube or use this link to watch on Invidious

Monero Talk Episode #302 description :

“The two discuss topics related to privacy, censorship resistance, decentralization, Bitcoin, Monero and the cypherpunk ideology. Blake covers his background researching macroeconomics, politics and technology. They examine increasing censorship attempts towards Monero, including recent exchange de-listings, as signs of success.”

(00:00:00) Introductions and Backgrounds
(00:11:30) Evolving Perspectives on Cryptocurrency
(00:15:30) Surveillance Capabilities and Societal Control
(00:28:44) Catalysts for Monero
(00:52:30) Importance of Financial Privacy & Censorship Resistance
(01:12:40) Closing Remarks

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